EP 2016

by parents fighting

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first ep. released January 1st, 2016.
all music written and performed by Parents Fighting.
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released January 1, 2016

songs written and performed by parents fighting. lyrics by parents fighting.
recorded live take by Ryan Hill. Check out his band at



all rights reserved


parents fighting Ocean View, Delaware

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Track Name: Knife
you threw one with all your might
i felt unloved as i took flight
bruise colored bone but more bruised inside
every since that night ive had one thing in sight

silver fold-able knife
wish you'd taken my life
so god damn dull and dirty
i just wanted to hurt me

i did not want to stay just got stuck in this place
isnt it all so great how things end up this way

silver fold-able knife
wish you'd taken my life
so god damn dull and dirty
i just wanted to hurt me
Track Name: Attic Monsters
accepting who i am, gladly
realize that i take things badly
neurons involved intertwine
things will resolve in due time

my head is an attic
and im an addict to sadness
steep steps crowded with
monsters causing madness

can i consider this a midlife crisis
if i dont want to make it to 36?
can i consider this a midlife crisis?

is this the best it gets?
tell me now so i can rest
Track Name: Summer House
we took a drive, unwilling participants
a week before christmas, a man in his driveway
waving goodbye to his kids under blankets
waving goodbye to his life

that was the first time you saw john cry
two silent tears over a cup of his coffee
silver sad smile saying none of this added up
your reply is it never will

"im gonna do you a favor and get out of here"
Track Name: Genetics
im starting to turn into what i resent
drinking nights away like a true parent
sloppy stupor, fire breath
im not alive until i drink myself to death

i dont want your genetics because you are pathetic
i refuse to be like you
and do the things you do

living consumed by what i regret
all the new faces that i couldve met
ill hit reset but not just yet
i wanna see another sunset
Track Name: Carcinogens
as i sit here stumbling over myself
and laughing so hard the neighbors can hear
i wonder why it feels so good to act like a kid again
waiting for the weekend
getting fucked up with people i hope to see again
until i grow even older and colder and more tired of the things i try to escape
every breath i take, every hard decision ill have to make
will take a toll on me but im alive

smoke stains inside my lungs
and the taste on my tongue
it is what i have done
to stay young